Concrete: The Most Versatile Interior Material

Concrete is a very versatile building material. Almost every house in New York is made of concrete. It is strong, fire-resistant, moldable, heat-retaining, and has a robust appearance. Concrete pillars, walls, flower pots, and sculptures have endless design possibilities.


Although concrete is touted as being strong and durable, regular use and exposure can cause concrete to deteriorate. Residential concrete repair contractors can repair and restore such structures.


Listed below are common damages to concrete in homes, as well as recommended repairs:


Floors: Concrete floors are preferred by builders due to their high load bearing capacity. Less expensive than other flooring options. Tiles and marble can be laid on top of concrete. Concrete floors commonly suffer from cracks and surface roughening. Resurfacing the damaged areas with a new concrete mix can repair them.


Concrete has found its way into kitchen sinks and benchtops, thanks to its versatility and chemical resistance. Concrete counters and sinks are more durable, water resistant, and easier to clean. Loss and Repair Poor concrete can chip off benchtop edges and trap sink water, weakening it from within. In this case, a residential concrete repair contractor must remove the damaged concrete and replace it with a better grade.


Bathroom walls and tubs: Let’s face it, a polished bathroom looks much more elegant. But such surfaces are costly to maintain. Concrete can be used for bathroom walls and bathtubs. Loss and Repair Poor quality concrete allows water to seep in and weaken it. So, periodically inspect for damage and repair it as soon as possible.


Did we say concrete is fireproof and retains heat? That makes it ideal for fireplaces. Damage and Repair: The fireplace’s excessive heat is likely to cause damage. Repairs include replacing damaged concrete with new concrete and coating it with fire-resistant resins. Such concrete damage cannot be repaired without professional help. Contact us now.